What if I tell you that I understand you, that I have felt that way, and that I still feel that way at times? I know that feeling that surrounds you and that soundproofs you from the outside. It makes your voice echo and repeat but you feel far away at the same time... I understand you. But how necessary it is sometimes to get lost to find yourself again.

What's scary? Of course it's scary. How come having everything I don't feel happy? How can it be that I feel alone surrounded by so many people? How can I get bored having so many plans at my fingertips? How will I know where I have to go? That uncomfortable. Could something be wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? Let me tell you something, you're not doing anything wrong.

The path of life you walk is not always straight. There are ups and there are downs. Good moments and moments that are not so good. The kind that become stages, harder bumps to overcome. But don't worry, you're doing the best you can and that's enough. You are enough. Everything will be fine. You keep moving forward.

Give yourself time. Find yourself. Talk to yourself. Know yourself. Hug yourself. And love yourself. All those questions you are asking yourself will have their answer. Trust. Everything you have experienced has taught you. And all the people who have accompanied you have marked you. It's hard? I know. Cheer up. I want to remind you how strong you are and how brave you have been. That because? Because you deserve it. And maybe someone needs you to remind them too.

Remember that life pits the greatest warriors against the toughest battles. But battles are not won by a single warrior, but by an entire army. You're not alone. It hasn't been easy but you've come this far, to a new chapter.

And I want to accompany you...