We live looking for signs that tell us what to do, asking a flower if they love us or not as if they knew about love. We believe that the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" will teach us how to be happy or that listening to Coldplay will make us think that our life is a constant concert. And no, neither do flowers have hearts, nor is your life a movie and neither does Coldplay sing every day. Don't sit still thinking that things will happen on their own, because the only thing that happens is life and the opportunities you missed waiting for signs.

It is not about following a plan, nor about directing your life towards something already established. It's a matter of letting go, of improvising. Give life a chance every day. And live it as Leiva says, "as if I were going to die tomorrow." Live your life like the story that everyone wants to hear.

Sonderstories tries, through each chapter of its story, to make you see that being normal is boring and that being yourself sucks.

You are unique.

Directed by Chapter X Productions, Sonder Stories.

CHAPTER I: Grandpa, what advice would you give me about life?