The moment we had all dreamed of all year. Beach, friends, sunsets and very loud music. The moment to disconnect, to laugh, to dance, to fall in love (or not), to have fun, to live and above all not to be left wanting for anything, because time is the only thing that never returns. So... if you don't do it now, when? Forget about the shit in your head and enjoy your fucking summer.

Enjoy the smell of the sea, the afternoons at the beach listening to endless Spotify lists, toasting with a mojito at the trusted beach bar, the daily party, the pain in your feet from dancing so much, the headache from so much drinking and the Mouth pain from laughing so much. There comes a time when everyone smiles, when we forget the sound of the alarm clock in the morning, and when we truly live.

Every summer has a story. One day they told me that life was never going to be the party we could have always imagined but, since we were here, let's dance. From one side to the other, with eyes closed and heart open. And I don't mean dancing on the dance floor, but dancing to life without the show ending. Few people are capable of making their life a party, and if we stop to think about it, how easy it is to make it all worth it! It is up to us to be able to turn those little things into unforgettable moments. A deck of cards in an afternoon not to be forgotten, a walk on the beach to discover who your summer love is, a hard hangover for hours crying with laughter remembering the night before, a simple disco at the concert of your life, the swimsuit brand in seeing you more attractive than ever...Because that's what it consists of, unique experiences that every year make us want more and more.

Because yes, because in twenty years you will be more sorry for the things you didn't do than for the ones you did. Be yourself, people don't have to like you and they don't have to care. Do it because it makes you happier, not because others want you to do it. Trust the next chapter, you are the author. You can create the life of your dreams. Have fun. Do not regret anything.

Honestly, as long as you're happy,